Mark Kelly, John Travolta, Scott Kelly

Top 10 Breitling Opens New NYC Boutique with Astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly, John Travolta, Boomer Esiason and Others Replica At Best Price

The 2017 Superocean Heritage II is much more evident in its own purpose – and that is not to re-imagine the look of the Superocean Heritage collection, but rather to make it more modern. Some of these design decisions might be controversial, but for the most part, the Superocean Heritage II is everything we loved about the Superocean Heritage I, with a few more modern stuff and in the case of this three-hand version, a fresh movement.A very important question to ask yourself is whether or not you should get a fantastic deal on a previous generation Superocean Heritage I or even pony up for the brand new Superocean Heritage II. Is one a good update on the flip, or are both models attractive in their own way? Actually, an excellent argument could be made that although the Superocean Heritage II has some noticeable improvements within the first generation model, based on your taste (and ability to find a deal), the prior generation Superocean Heritage watch may be equally as good if not better to your needs.Breitling creates a very solid-feeling watch, which in my opinion starts with the case. The brand is particularly good at serving up well-polished heavy blocks of steel. While a lot of modern dive watches offer complex instances with contrast finishing along with other intriguing design elements, the Superocean Heritage is all about appearing like a retro tank. The 42mm-wide or 46mm-wide steel case is entirely polished (with a great finishing) and water resistant to 200m. With that said, it seems as though it could take a lot more of a beating. The vintage-inspired design eschews a whole lot of contemporary affairs you may expect to see in a diving watch (such as crown guards). So, the elegance and appealing design of this Superocean Heritage composed for its lack of becoming a totally “pro” diving tool.


Mark Kelly, John Travolta, Scott Kelly

Mark Kelly, John Travolta, Scott Kelly

Say it with me, there is no place like home, no place like home, no place like the new home of the Breitling US Flagship store on the corner of 57th and Madison in NYC. On May 19, Breitling held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the unveiling of its new two-story, 7,000 square-foot location, and it was grand.

To kick off events, Breitling called in its star-studded array of brand friends. For the celebration Boomer Esiason, John Travolta, astronaut brothers, Mark and Scott Kelly, as well as members of the Breitling Jet Team were in attendance. John Travolta and Breitling USA President, Thierry Prissert, cut the ribbon and opened the store to guests and VIPs.

The new Breitling boutique in NYC is the world's largest Breitling store

The new Breitling boutique in NYC is the world’s largest Breitling store

Inside, the visual styling of the store is similar to that of the former flagship location but on a grander scale. Large World War II themed murals adorn the walls, as do a number of sculptures. The stylized cartoon bomber and nose art will be familiar to anyone who has followed either the brand or art from the WWII period from which the store draws its inspiration.

Prissert, John Travolta and the Kelly brothers all addressed the crowd, but for once, Travolta may have been upstaged. The crowd favorite of the evening was the recently returned from space, Scott Kelly, the younger of the Kelly twins, who now holds the record for most consecutive days spent in space: 382. He took four personal items with him for his time spent in the space station: his eyeglasses and three Breitling watches.

Breitling President Thierry Prissert and Travolta cut the ribbon

Breitling President Thierry Prissert and Travolta cut the ribbon

Scott likened his celestial journey to going over Niagara Falls in a wooden barrel… while on fire. His most reliable companion were his Breitling watches, which traveled 143,846,525 million miles and saw 10,880 sunrises and sunsets with him during countless orbits around the Earth. Just another not so subtle reminder that Breitling is a watch brand that takes aeronautics, durability and performance seriously.

If you are in the NYC area and a fan of either Breitling, horology, space flight, aviation or World War II art, the boutique is a must see. Also, while you are in the boutique, say hello to Betty for me.






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