Who Sells The Best U-Boat unveils unique Sideview Perfect Clone

Designed and developed on qualities of the Classico range by U-Boat’s master founder, the opinion flaunts a stunning mother of pearl dial. U boat watches gUmtree Replica denote the epitome of unprecedented luxury by placing one black pearl onto the chrono pusher, matched by an assortment of black diamonds set backwards on the inside of the bezel. The implementation of additional admirable features would be the “Martellée” buckle itself, diamond filled at the fissures. Hosting the U-77 motion, the simplistic counters of the chronograph melt to the sumptuous pearly background. An invaluable collector’s piece to be worn out with confidence and pleasure. The striking 48mm Classico Sterling Silver instance makes this not just a genius U-Boat timekeeping tool but a bit of spectacular jewellery.We have just received information of a brand new limited edition U-Boat watch to be released in Baselworld, the World’s most crucial event for its luxury watch and jewellery industry occurring in Switzerland next month.

U-Boat founder Italo Fontana has unveiled an innovative new take on the oversized brand’s Chimera line.

Side windows of sapphire crystal allow the wearer to take a unique look at the inner-workings of the watch’s movement.

Three limited edition models of the Chimera Sideview will be available, characterized by curved sapphire crystals on the front, back and sides. 300 pieces will be available in stainless steel and just 88 pieces in 18k gold.

The third model, the Chimera Sideview Diamonds features 309 black diamonds set into the watch’s bezel and strap lugs and will also be available in just 88 pieces.