Pre-SIHH 2014: Unveiling the new Roger Dubuis Hommage Chronograph Replica At Best Price

Yes, that is correct, watch lovers – this is an American-only watch (USA! USA!) . Well, ok, anyone can purchase it, sure – but they will have to travel over to New York to pick one of those twenty pieces up. In case you end up in this position, you’ll be getting not just the very scooped-out “spider web” appearance of this hand-wound RD505SQ calibre (which also looks like celebrities to me), you’ll also possess a flying tourbillon whirling away on your wrist. With extremely skeletonized watches, like we’ve got here with the Roger Dubuis Geneve Watch Price Replica Exalibur Spider Americas Edition, I am frankly astonished at the work performed on the dial and case.By that, I mean how tidy-looking items are retained, all while keeping the “interesting” bits exposed, and tucking everything else away in layers beneath the arrangement that still remains. The very small machines are amazing, and then when you constrain yourself with these sorts of limitations, that does certainly lift things that a fantastic bit. Unfortunately, in addition, it afflicts the opinion with some thing that hits a whole lot of these skeletons – diminished legibility.That said, you’re probably not going to head having to stare in a watch such as the Roger Dubuis Exalibur Spider Americas Edition to get a bit longer in order to tell the moment. And who knows, possibly in person, these white-filled strategies on the hands (one presumes lumed too) are easier to pick out in the 45mm situation than the images indicate. I only know that the rest of the hand being dark as it is will make it tricky. Yes, it blends thematically with the movement/dial, but I could certainly go for a few contrast – state, fully red hands.Speaking of colour, that was another somewhat strange choice in my book for a USA-exclusive watch. This edition of the Roger Dubuis Exalibur Spider includes red and yellow accents – I would have figured something more to the red, white, and blue scheme might have been implemented. Expected? Sure, but it could be performed (in actuality, swapping yellow for blue on this watch would take action), and appears like a miss on this particular edition. Then again, there must be a reason for this, and I am sure those who are somewhat more well-versed on the planet of Roger Dubuis will allow me to know in the comments below.

Roger Dubuis will unveil a revamped line of Hommage timepieces at SIHH 2014, one of which is the Hommage Chronograph equipped with the RD680 calibre, made in-house and one of the few self-winding chronograph movements with a micro-rotor. 

One of the original product lines created by Mr Roger Dubuis back in 1995, along with the distinctive Sympathie, the Hommage was a series of round, classically styled watches. At SIHH 2014 later this month Roger Dubuis will present a new line of Hommage timepieces, including the new 42 mm Hommage Chronograph. The Hommage line will feature complicated movements as well as embody various decorative crafts like guilloché and enamelling.  One of the new models is the Hommage Chronograph in a 42 mm pink gold case. Like all the Hommage models it has Mr Roger Dubuis’ signature engraved on the case back.

The dial is silver with a sunray guilloche, with applied Romans in pink gold, a somewhat classical aesthetic but nevertheless flamboyant in the typical Roger Dubuis fashion. 

Made in-house and Geneva Seal certified, the RD680 movement has a micro-rotor, which leaves the chronograph mechanism unobstructed.

The retail price of the Hommage Chronograph has yet to be announced but with the similarly equipped La Monegasque chronograph in pink gold retailing for US$41,700, expect this to be in the same price range. – SJX

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